Holistic Care for Your Financial Life

At Syon Capital, managing your wealth takes into consideration a lifetime of family aspirations and challenges. Our relationship with you begins in conversation, exploring your current circumstances, priorities, ambitions, risk tolerance and return expectations. As we customize your wealth plan, all of your assets and liabilities, not just investments, come under consideration as we identify which pieces of your puzzle are missing, what you are trying to achieve, and how much further we can potentially take you.

Just as our perspective for wealth takes a steadying and long-term focus, so too does our relationship.

We engage with you over the course of your life — as fiduciaries determined to pursue your best interests — striving to curate the appropriate strategies for any situation, transaction or opportunity you might encounter.

Employing the full breadth of financial strategies and opportunities, your Syon team brings a depth and breadth of experience, insight and professional relationships to customize a wealth plan to help secure your success and that of future generations.

Goals-Based Planning

Because significant wealth requires customized goals-based financial strategies, we build a lasting fiduciary relationship focused on you.

Investment Management

From proven disciplines to innovative solutions, we believe our open architecture and holistic approach to managing your wealth is flexible, thoughtful and cost efficient.

Tax-Smart Strategies

Understanding that it’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep, we employ the full canon of tax-aware strategies, including active tax-loss harvesting.

Liquidity Planning

Significant wealth can be complex — from managing concentrated or restricted stock, to structuring a 10b5-1 plan, to planning for an M&A or IPO, we strive to curate a path to success.

Liability Management

We steward both sides of your balance sheet, aiming to optimize your liabilities to better serve your financial needs and goals.

Public and Private Investing

While we employ efficient, globally diversified ETFs, our relationships also provide clients with access to specific private opportunities.

Retirement Strategies

Tax-advantaged plans, strategies for executives, distribution and withdrawal planning… we endeavor to leverage all the opportunities available to secure a comfortable retirement.

Philanthropic Endeavors

We can help you support the causes that matter to you, structuring charitable giving strategies and helping make connections to further this important work.

Legacy Planning

We create sustainable strategies that could help you protect your legacy and provide for future generations.