Your Personal CFO

Consider your team at Syon Capital as your personal CFO. A trusted and strategic advisor, we serve as the family confidant around all aspects of your wealth. We endeavor to be innovative, prudent, and technically savvy and we offer smart, conflict-free advice on both sides of your balance sheet. As a fiduciary, it is our goal to put your best interests ahead of our own.

Recognizing that significant wealth comes with complex challenges and aspirations — today and for future generations — we offer a highly personal and customized approach, one that typically results in lasting and loyal relationships that we value deeply. We maintain a select client list to ensure our clients’ goals are served through holistic advice and a specific wealth plan.

Our team offers a breadth and depth of expertise and differentiated thinking. With experience in banking, loans, investments, taxes and estate planning, we believe our team has the insight and foresight to transform your financial future.